40%.  I failed.  No one told me that the minimum distance you had to maintain between your car and a bicycler was 3 feet.  No one told me that the images of two people on a yellow sign meant that I should watch for children.  And now my attempts at being a legal Minnesota driverContinue reading “Failure”

Finding Resources for Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles.  We all run into them.  However, a while ago, I came across an application from a Bible story that has helped me in my relationships, business and personal life as well.  What I discovered is that everything I need to overcome obstacles, problems, and issues, is provided for me by God.  Because He lovesContinue reading “Finding Resources for Overcoming Obstacles”

Parenting at Every Level

When we begin this new adventure called parenting, many of us dive into research that rivals that of NASA.  Book, audio CD’s, Youtube video series, seminars, more books, podcasts and the deep well of blogger knowledge Even though we always wear the moniker “Parent,”  how that title plays out needs to change as our childrenContinue reading “Parenting at Every Level”

Coming Home – Two Years Later

I love when my children come home.  It is when they’re home that I know they’re safe.  It is when they’re home that I know they’re loved.  It is when they’re home that our family feels complete. Two years ago today, one of my children went home.  Two years ago today, my Makenzie looked upContinue reading “Coming Home – Two Years Later”

For What Are You Thankful?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Maybe because it isn’t commercialized.  Maybe because it is a nicely timed break during the year.  Maybe because it involves my five favorite “f’s”:  Family, Friends, Faith, Football and FOOD! You may have another list, like this from a group of 1st graders: “I am thankful for me and myContinue reading “For What Are You Thankful?”