041: CLOUT – A Success Necessity [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Clout isn't a word we use much anymore.  But understanding its meaning is critical in your leadership and personal success.  On this episode, I use the letters in 'CLOUT' as a checklist to develop influence in people around you. ON THIS EPISODE: Quote for today: "Imperfect action is way better than perfect procrastination!" There are... Continue Reading →

040: Leadership Begins Below Your Waterline [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

If I were to ask you to describe someone you know that you thought was a great leader, what would you say? Most likely, you would describe that persons skills, style, personality, drive and a plethora of other characteristics. But leadership is more that what we see a person do. Leadership is who a person... Continue Reading →

039: Why People Pleasing Is Dangerous To Good Leadership [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Most leaders want to serve the best they can.  However, serving others and sacrificing core values, mission and vision is often the result of a people-pleaser mindset.  How do you balance both? ON THIS EPISODE: People pleasing is sometimes dangerous to good leadership. "It's an emotional trap when you start worrying about what other people... Continue Reading →

038: How To Balance A Home-Based Business And Family – Todd Stocker.com

Eileen asks how to balance a home-based business and her family without feeling guilty.  I offer advice from my past experience but also bring in several other 'moms' who give some awesome tips. ON THIS EPISODE: I enlisted the help of some other moms who also operate their home-based businesses: Mom of 4 here: Balance... Continue Reading →

037: 5 Things That Rob Passion In Life And How To Get It Back [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Have you lost passion for life?  Are you bored with the daily grind and want to know why?  This episode identifies 5 things that could be robbing your passion and how to do something about it. ON THIS EPISODE: What robs us of our passion for life?: Hurried schedule - Being busy vs being hurried.... Continue Reading →

036: How To Leverage Sowing And Reaping [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

There's a basic principle that applies to ever person on the planet:  "Sowing and Reaping".  On this episode, I talk about it and how you can leverage it to make your life more successful and influential.   On This Episode: In your life and in my life, you should be constantly be looking at the package of the... Continue Reading →

034: An Exciting Announcement Regarding Facebook [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Today, I share an exciting announcement that could help you connect with others and take your life to a whole new level! Spoiler alert: It has to do with Facebook.  SHOW NOTES: Relationships are important because you not only are identified by a title (wife, brother, friend etc), but within those relationships is one thing... Continue Reading →

033: The One Thing All Leaders Should Never Stop Doing [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

After attending a conference, I realized one thing that great leaders do that keeps them fresh and energized for leadership.  I talk about it on today's podcast. ON THIS EPISODE: Last week, I went to the Best Practices for Ministry conference in Phoenix.  2000 church workers and leaders were crammed on the spacious campus of... Continue Reading →

032: How Your Past Leaves Clues To Your Future – Todd Stocker.com

Ever wonder what your next career move should be?  On today's episode, I recall a conversation with a young professional about how your past leaves clues to your future.   SHOW NOTES: My friend has spent the last few years studying himself by taking personality profiles, assessing past successes and failures and sensing that God was... Continue Reading →

030:  3 Benefits Of My ‘Digital Fast’ – Todd Stocker.com

 During my last vacation, I decided to do a 'digital fast.'  That meant no laptop and only limited use of my iPhone and iPad.  It took me a bit to get use to but there are 3 benefits that I found.  On This Episode: In the Bible a fast is simply withholding something, normally food, so that you can focus on... Continue Reading →

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