“RELAY.  How to Build an All-star Team” – Any running relay team needs to make sure that its runners are in the correct positions to be the most effective team on the track! But how do you build such a team? I will give you a model that helps you put together an all-star team of people who are focused, exited and passionate  The best part?  You work less and accomplish more through your team!

“It seems like a long time since the Conference this summer but you know what?   Thanks!! We are on are 2nd event using this format and couldn’t be happier with the results of all the new people participating as volunteers to get the event up and running.  I’ve been with this congregation 14 years so it feels great to have new participants!” – Cindy Storm, Director of Education, Sioux City, IA

“I was so confused about our Business Student Organization event but after working through the All-Star Model, I have a clear direction and am excited to build a healthy, efficient team.  Thanks Todd!”  – Nicole Zastrow, Concordia University, St. Paul

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

  1. The source from which team building comes.
  2. Tools to bring clarity and purpose to your work/ministry area or event.
  3. An “on-paper” model that helps you identify the five areas of your work/ministry area or event.
  4. Tips on finding the right people to fill the right spots.
  5. Guidance and templates on making the ASK!
  6. How to involve more and more people while maintaining a manageable team structure.

Who should come:

  1. Anyone wanted to accomplish more with few resources.
  2. Anyone working with volunteers or limited staff.
  3. Anyone who is tired of doing everything themselves and not having a team.

Contact Me for more information and to schedule a session. 

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