SOAP Daily Journal Method

journalingOK.  It’s not my method.  But Kellie and I have been using the LIFE JOURNAL for many years.  Developed by Pastor Wayne Cordiero and New Hope Church, this way of reading and applying God’s Word to daily life has reaped tremendous benefits in our lives.

Remember, this is not a guilt-trip-I-missed-a-day thing.  God is not keeping track of how many days you do or don’t spend time in the word.  But I believe the more you meet with Him in His Word, in you will develop a greater sense of peace, love and understanding about God’s relationship with you and your relationship about the world.

Simply put, it is called the SOAP method.  SOAP stands for scripture, observation, application and prayer. I suggest you get one of New Life’s Journals.  It is a great resource and helps with a daily reading plan.  (CLICK HERE FOR MORE).

From New Hope’s Website …

Journaling is an excellent way to both record and process what God has spoken to us. It’s also a useful tool to use at a later time, to reflect on and review some of the ‘gems’ that you have received. Without writing them down, you may forget those blessings and some very important lessons! And while journaling is a very personal time with the Lord, you may want to share some of your daily journaling with your small group or mentors. Through discussion, you may be able to look deeper into what God is speaking to you, gain new insight and even encourage others.


S for Scripture

Open your Bible to the reading found under today’s date of your Bible bookmark. Take time reading and allow God to speak to you. When you are done, look for a verse that particularly spoke to you that day, and write it in your journal.

O for Observation

What do you think God is saying to you in this scripture? Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and reveal Jesus to you. Paraphrase and write this scripture down in your own words, in your journal.  To help you begin this section, you can write, “This scripture tells me that …”

A for Application

Personalize what you have read, by asking yourself how it applies to your life right now. Perhaps it is instruction, encouragement, revelation of a new promise, or corrections for a particular area of your life. Write how this scripture can apply to you today.  To help you begin this section, you can write, “This scripture reminds me to …”

P for Prayer

This can be as simple as asking God to help you use this scripture, or it may be a greater insight on what He may be revealing to you. Remember, prayer is a two way conversation, so be sure to listen to what God has to say! Now, write it out.

Simple… Easy…and takes only minutes a day (sounds like an exercise program!).  Go ahead; Give it a shot!

Here’s an example from an entry I did:

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  1. Ah, I was confirmed over 40 years ago. This is the method our Pastor had us use to examine scriptures. It has been very insightful for me all these years.

    Also Pastor Todd and family, I lived around the corner from your sister, Jennifer, in Littleton/Centennial so I feel like I personally know you a little bit. Thank you for sharing your walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and relying on God’s comfort and guidance to fear no evil while you are there.

    God bless you,

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