Special Notes and Stuff …

Makenzie’s Final English Paper/May 2009

To The Senior Class at LSA

Long time friend, Lexis Haas, on Makenzie Stocker (college entrance essay)

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  1. Hey Stocker family,
    I am so glad you guys got to Ecuador! I just wanted to say how great it was seeing you all and how much I miss you. Please let me know if in the future you guys are planning awesome mission trips that you need volunteers for :).
    Always praying for you; “Big Mac” is ALWAYS on my mind. I love it when see visits me in my dreams.
    No other family could cope the way you have. You guys are amazing. Love you all sooo much and I hope I see you soon.


  2. I miss Kenz so much. She was one the best friends i have ever had. You know all this but i felt compelled to write on this page. I am not sure why. Anyways, i will continue to think of quotes for you and message them to you on facebook! I loved seeing yall the other day at school!

  3. she was one of the few people i know that always put God in her writings. i have done that since ive been here at a&m galveston. i am very proud that kenzie was apart of my life and that i got to talk to her every morning in pre cal. math classes are depressing here because there isnt a girl giving me a hug right when she walks in. and theres no bright smile.
    i love yall very much and i wish i could see yall once more before my fall semester starts, but i finally get to relax this summer haha. i hope to keep in touch with yall

    1. Greteings! I’ve been following your web site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

    2. " Whoa hold on guys … don't tar all us Brits the same as that Sap Sapper !!! "Glad to have you on our side , at this point in time we can use all the Friends we can get…Thank you for your support.Sorry for the blanket posts , but sometimes the anger and disbelief fogs ones' mind.Allons-y…

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