To The Senior Class of LSA …

dsc01469-compressedDear class of 2010/Makenzie’s friends & classmates,

On the eve of your first days of your senior year we wanted to write and send you our prayers and encouragement for the school year ahead.We never imagined we would go through the change in our life that we’ve gone through after the loss of Makenzie’s earthly life.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe she is not here. As some of you have written on Facebook, which describes our sentiments, “we wish we could rewind to 3 months ago and press pause.” The sadness we feel over not having Makenzie here is an ache that doesn’t go away. The joy that radiated from her lit up our family in ways that were breathtaking. As we try and figure out our new normal, we have “Makenzie Moments” when we cry, laugh and sometimes, fall apart. The dawning of the new school year brings many of the moments forward.

But, the God who created Makenzie and each of us is in control. Nothing that has happened is a surprise to Him. And we find this incredible joy in knowing Makenzie is in our future and is ahead of us. Everyday that passes is another day closer to being with her again.

Students, God has a purpose for each of you. We love your class (Makenzie’s class) and are so thankful for the love you have shown our family. Our prayer for each of you is to take this year of school and offer it totally to God. May each of your decisions, actions and words — in the classrooms, on the fields/courts, at home, with parents & friends — be made thinking of Christ first.

Above everything, live each day for Christ. Live above the noise. Live above the drama. Pray for your fellow classmates and set yourselves as examples for the younger students who look up to you and imitate your attitudes and behaviors.

Finally, we wanted to clarify what our family is doing so that you are in the know! We are moving to Minnesota and Nathan & Maddie will be attending new schools. We will be coming to Houston for the senior retreat at Carolina Creek. In November our family will travel to Ecuador to take all the shoes from the shoe drive that Makenzie had collected at LSA to the poor people of Quito. On the way, we will stop for a couple days in Houston and we hope to lead chapels at LSA. We also plan to attend your class of 2010 graduation. 🙂

Again, we love you. It sounds so cliché to tell you to make this a great senior year. But we desire this for you knowing that Makenzie would have wanted this for you as well.

Don’t take anything granted; live each day knowing that our God who created the world LOVES YOU!!!!

Gods blessings & all our love,

Pastor Todd & Kellie Stocker

(click here for other details on our move)

3 thoughts on “To The Senior Class of LSA …

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  1. I’m homeschooled now, but I used to go to LSA until the middle of my 10th grade year. Im also a senior. I never really talked to anyone at LSA but a couple people because I was either shy or just didnt think I would fit in. But for some reason I was never shy around Makenzie if anything I was the complete opposite I was just so giddy around her even if we only talked for a couple minutes it made the rest of my day better. She was just so awesome and comforted everyone and anyone, and when she got up on the stage for chapel for some reason it made me want to become a better person. Even though I dont get to see her around anymore I still knows shes having a ball dancing and singing for the Lord, I just wish I could tell her how much she has influenced me into follow in her amazing footsteps.
    I miss her and love her!
    I know I dont know you all (her family)
    But I know enough to say that yall are an amazing family and to hope that me and my family could be more like yall!

    God bless all of you!

    Richelle Stowe

  2. Today I was so angry at my daughter for not cleaning her room and was irritated during most of the day. As I found and read your article about your storm in the CyFair Living Magazine, tears just flowed and flowed out of my eyes and I ached in my heart for you. How I wish I could relieve your pain and sorrow. Thank you for sharing your story. I promise to start preparing myself for my storm ….for whenever it comes. I will forgive my trespassers and will get closer to the Lord. I sure hope I am ready like you all were. I am going upstairs to kiss and hug my daughter. I will tell her about Makenzie. Thank you so much and may God bless and strenghten you!

    Ive Nadal-Ammoune

  3. Beautiful! What amazing parents you are! I am in awe of your faith and strength. So glad to hear you will be hanging in MN for a while. -Jackie Just (Kellie’s flower friend)

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