Soles for Souls – Ecuador Mission Trip

DSC03903In the spring of this past year, Makenzie did a shoe drive at Lutheran South Academy to deliver new and used shoes to the poor of Quito, Ecuador. When it was all said and done, the drive produced over 2200 pairs of shoes!

After she was killed, our family decided to finish what she started. Kellie, Nathan, Maddie and I will be traveling to Quito during the thanksgiving week:

Nov. 18- 20 Houston.
Nov. 20 – 27 Quito, Ecuador
Nov. 27 – Dec. 1 Houston

Please pray for us the following prayers …

  • Prayers that God will be glorified as we share chapel messages at LSA and hearts would be turned to him
  • God would go ahead of us and prepare the people who are to receive shoes from us.
  • Makenzie’s “mission” to provide “soles” for people to turn their “souls” to Christ.
  • Safety in traveling the streets of Quito
  • Any attempt of Satan’s to sabotage our trip would be bound.
  • Good health for all four of us.
  • That Nathan and Madeline would be protected yet have their eyes open to the needs of others.
  • Any fears that we have would be comforted by God’s peace.
  • Strength to handle our emotions as we do this without Makenzie.


(If you’d like to see our full picture directory, go to Kellie’s Facebook HERE)

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