064: How To Handle Anger [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Well this past Wednesday, Americans woke up to a shocking development in the course of our nation's politics.  Donald Trump is president-elect.  Many are feeling happy but many are feeling angry.  How do we handle anger? On This Episode: As I’m recording this, there are angry protests regarding the election.  First, this is a political … Continue reading 064: How To Handle Anger [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com


3 Choices of Anger

"What Do I Do With My Anger?" Have you ever been angry?  I mean, the kind of anger that boils up inside to a point that it lashes out on everyone and everything around you.   In the moment, you felt like you’re possessed with some demon of revenge and your monster instincts take over.  After, … Continue reading 3 Choices of Anger

Be Angry

All of us get angry. There is something that someone does or a situation that doesn’t work out that causes our faces to redden, our brows to furrow and our pulse to do backflips. There is a holy place for anger if it is spurred by the right things.


I’m angry this morning. I don’t normally wake up angry yet today I am. A friend of mine who has influence and has influenced hundreds of adults and high school students died suddenly on July 4th of a brain aneurism.  Young, brilliant, creative and physical death captured him as he prepared for his day. Funny … Continue reading I’M ANGRY AT DEATH