073: 6 Steps To Making Lasting Change [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Statistically, by now most people have bailed on their new year's resolutions.  Most of the time, the reason is they don’t have a plan for making lasting change.  Here’s a formula that works every time for lasting change! Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. - Jim Rohn #quote... Continue Reading →

071: What Is Christian Leaders Coaching? [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

New year!  New direction.  This is the first episode of my rebranded podcast.  Today, we’ll talk about why I made the switch and what the Christian Leaders Coaching podcast is all about.    Coaching is fast becoming one of the key ways the people in and out of the workplace find personal and corporate excellence.  Over... Continue Reading →

038: How To Balance A Home-Based Business And Family – Todd Stocker.com

Eileen asks how to balance a home-based business and her family without feeling guilty.  I offer advice from my past experience but also bring in several other 'moms' who give some awesome tips. ON THIS EPISODE: I enlisted the help of some other moms who also operate their home-based businesses: Mom of 4 here: Balance... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Sick Of The Church Bashing And You Should Be Too – Todd Stocker.com

I heard another rant recently.  This one on the lack of relevance that the church has in today’s society.  The ‘rager’ relentlessly blabbed on about the large percentage of young people leaving the church and the impending ‘death of Christianity’ in the United States.   I get it.  Church attendance has been declining over the... Continue Reading →

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