Why I want a Chameleon

I know what I want for my birthday.  My mom used to have one when she was young and it sounds like a cool possession … a Chameleon.  Here’s why I want one and what they remind me to do: These are fascinating little creatures.  Their bodies adapt and change depending on their background.  IContinue reading “Why I want a Chameleon”

My MadGab Christmas

Several Christmases ago, we gave our family the game “MadGab”.  It is an interesting game that contain cards with a set of unrelated words. When you read them aloud, they sound like familiar phrases, names, places etc.  For example, “Sell Your Laugh Hone” translates to “Cellular Phone.”  Fun game.  At times, its rather frustrating becauseContinue reading “My MadGab Christmas”