It’s Out Of Your Hands – Todd

Yesterday, I had medical tests done as part of my health schedule.  I’m not a huge fan of going to clinics, but I know that it is necessary for keeping the body that God gave me running smoothly.  As they were poking me and trying to find my veins that tend to run away fromContinue reading “It’s Out Of Your Hands – Todd”

035 HELP! I’m Stuck In A Dead End Job! [Podcast] – Todd

There are two feelings you need in order for you to feel fulfilled at work and in life.  Today I talk about them and also share an update from our recently created private Facebook group. On This Episode: In order for you to feel alive and have a sense of purpose and meaning in yourContinue reading “035 HELP! I’m Stuck In A Dead End Job! [Podcast] – Todd”

2 Keys to Feeling Fulfilled

Many years ago, our family journeyed into the great outdoors in a part of the country called The Boundary Waters.  Pristine lakes and virtually untouched landscapes refuel the souls of those who venture in. As our family was hauling our gear, my youngest daughter – 5 at the time – lagged behind the rest ofContinue reading “2 Keys to Feeling Fulfilled”

Feeling Small – Lessons from the Lake

I was at a cabin, working on my next book project when outside, I heard what sounded to me like thunder.  I thought that was strange since it wasn’t in the forecast. I continued working but soon, I heard it again.  The sound thundered loudly to a point that it shook the windows of theContinue reading “Feeling Small – Lessons from the Lake”

What To Do When Your Lights Go Out

Superbowl 47.  Stellar performances.  Great come backs. Manly squabbles on the field.  And yes, even a “lights out” moment that changes the energy of play.  During those 34 minutes, the coaches on both sides instructed their teams to do four things while they waited in half darkness.  What the coaches told them applies you personallyContinue reading “What To Do When Your Lights Go Out”