A Reminder to Dads About Their Daughters

One of our holiday traditions is to host a Polish dinner event.  Part of this experience is called the sharing of oplatek in which members of each family go around the table and wish a blessing to each person.  This is usually called the “cry-fest” by the high school aged kids among us. This year, … Continue reading A Reminder to Dads About Their Daughters


Sonora Dodd was inspired by the selflessness of her father. So much so that she held the first FATHER'S DAY celebration on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington. Her novel idea of honoring fathers eventually spread. Finally, in 1966, then President of the U.S. Lyndon Johnson officially proclaimed the third Sunday of June as Father’s … Continue reading 6 BIBLICAL TECHNIQUES TO BECOMING A BETTER FATHER

Makenzie in My Dreams

It’s been nearly three years since my oldest daughter, Makenzie died in a car accident.  Since then, our family has been on a journey marked by recovery, struggle, joy, sadness, questions and pain.  Pain - there’s been plenty of that.  But what has been lacking in our movement forward are dreams.  In my vulnerability, I … Continue reading Makenzie in My Dreams

Just A Simple Kiss

There is something special about a gentle kiss that Daddy receives from Daughter.  Those innocent lips smacking against a well-seasoned, gruffy cheek, communicates sweetness ... connection ... love.  Just A Simple Kiss. I loved that kiss from her.  Usually it comes unexpectedly.  Hurrying off to school.  Driving into the drop off lane.  Suddenly, she grabs … Continue reading Just A Simple Kiss