Failure Is A Funny Thing – Todd

Failure is a funny thing.  It is something for which you don’t plan.  It is a happening in which you feel defeated and low.  Yet it is also an event in which offers an opportunity.  The opportunity learn, to grow, to trust  and to excel.  Personal development leaders often say that failure isn’t a label, simply anContinue reading “Failure Is A Funny Thing – Todd”

The Biggest Loser – What Are You Known For?

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Lisa Rambo, current contestant on the TV reality show, Biggest Loser.  Her bright smile and energy filled the room as she spoke about her experience.   She talked about what inspired her to audition, her experience on the workout “ranch” and how God was really her strengthContinue reading “The Biggest Loser – What Are You Known For?”