When Evil Goes On Live TV – Todd Stocker.com

Just a normal live broadcast for reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.  They loved what they did and this past week, they died doing it.  A former employee and co-worker raised slinked onto the shot and murdered the two of them and injured a third. I couldn't believe the evil.  It was meticulous and … Continue reading When Evil Goes On Live TV – Todd Stocker.com


Evil In The Morning

I love and hate mornings.  The love comes from my experiencing the newness of the day, the time I spend in my prayerful SOAP devotions, and the creative Spirit that envelops my heart.  The hate comes from the barrage of negative thoughts that batter against the walls of my holy time. This morning, I let … Continue reading Evil In The Morning


Murder.  Killing.  Evil incarnate.  When James Holmes painted his hair red, entered theater 9 in a Denver area movie establishment and open fired on the nearly packed house, Evil made the headlines. Realistically, I don’t even know how to process the stories of horror that have been unfolding across the airwaves over the past 17+ … Continue reading MURDER AT THE MOVIES