038: How To Balance A Home-Based Business And Family – Todd Stocker.com

Eileen asks how to balance a home-based business and her family without feeling guilty.  I offer advice from my past experience but also bring in several other 'moms' who give some awesome tips. ON THIS EPISODE: I enlisted the help of some other moms who also operate their home-based businesses: Mom of 4 here: Balance... Continue Reading →

One Of Those Great Days!

"HOW CAN I SPEND MORE TIME WITH MY FAMILY?" Yesterday (Mother's Day) was one of those days that skyrocketed above others in recent months. You see, our family is at the point where each are holding competing schedules and the time together is minimized. My son tours with his band, my daughter is crunching in "friend time" before she heads to college, my wife flies with a local airline and I am intent on my work.

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