086: How To Turn Chaos To Calm [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

You don’t have to look far to find that chaos is running rampant in our society and world. If you let it get to you, it will hinder your success and ruin your outlook on life. Today, I talk about one powerful key making sure you can stay calm in the midst of chaos. ONContinue reading “086: How To Turn Chaos To Calm [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

082: 3 Metaphors To Help You Handle Disappointment [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

How do you handle disappointment? Today, I share 3 metaphors and a bonus question that give you a positive perspective on disappointment. ON THIS EPISODE: Disappointment comes and goes.  How you handle it makes all the difference in the world. These metaphors can help change your perspective: “Every cloud has a silver lining” It comesContinue reading “082: 3 Metaphors To Help You Handle Disappointment [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

5 Ways To Choose Happy – Todd Stocker.com

(The inspiration for this post comes from a comment make by my free Facebook group.  You can request to be a part of it here). For me, spring changes everything.  The weather warms.  The birds rehearse their symphonies.  The ground reveals its growing hidden treasures.  The season lifts my spirits and makes me happy inContinue reading “5 Ways To Choose Happy – Todd Stocker.com”

What To Do When Your Lights Go Out

Superbowl 47.  Stellar performances.  Great come backs. Manly squabbles on the field.  And yes, even a “lights out” moment that changes the energy of play.  During those 34 minutes, the coaches on both sides instructed their teams to do four things while they waited in half darkness.  What the coaches told them applies you personallyContinue reading “What To Do When Your Lights Go Out”


My kids taught me about alignment a few years ago. Jumping into a canoe for the first time, the three of them paddled out onto the lake. My son starting paddling one way, his sisters the other. What began as a leisurely float on the water turned into an epic battle of splashes and frustration.Continue reading “ROWING TOWARD ALIGNMENT”

Reading the Book on Alignment

One of the consistent struggles about which I hear leaders talk is alignment.  More specifically, “How do I get my organization to be on the same page and moving in the same direction?” Greater experts have a gazillion seminars, trick and tips on how to do this, but one of the main keys is toContinue reading “Reading the Book on Alignment”

How to Beat Distractions

One of the greatest stories of leadership is in the Bible, the book of Nehemiah.  The story chronicles Nehemiah’s vision and mission of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. Deluged with enemy attacks and coercion, Nehemiah had to trust his gut and his God and keep focused on the task at hand. One distraction came whenContinue reading “How to Beat Distractions”

My Email Un-subscription Diet

“OK!  Here I go!  It’s a New Year and I’m going on a diet!” I can hear this phrase singing in my head every year.  “Cut back!  Loose extra weight!  Get trim to do more!”  This year, I’m doing something different.  The “weight” I want to loose this year is hanging around my email boxContinue reading “My Email Un-subscription Diet”