015: You Don’t Have To Be Old To Retire Now – Todd Stocker.com

In a few short months, we turn the calendar and start again. Are you ready for the new year? Would you like to do something different? The issue we’re going to be talking about today deals with retirement and it ties in with the new year in a very significant way. PODCAST SHOW NOTES: “TheContinue reading “015: You Don’t Have To Be Old To Retire Now – Todd Stocker.com”

Why You Are Unfulfilled – Todd Stocker.com

“WHY DO I FEEL SO UNFULFILLED IN LIFE?” [These questions come from readers.  If you have a question, ask it here.] This week, I was honored to facilitate a leadership retreat for an executives team in Wisconsin.  Huddled in a remote retreat house, the 11 of us discussed topics such as vision casting, defining yourContinue reading “Why You Are Unfulfilled – Todd Stocker.com”

Give It; Receive It

“The sense of fulfillment is often hidden in kindness to others” I’ve enjoyed being able to coach a few folks on nutrition, heath and weight loss. One person I was coaching recently decided to get healthy and within a week lost a chunk of weight.  Simple to do, really.  Make the decision. Add fresh greens.  DrinkContinue reading “Give It; Receive It”