How I Found God At Disneyland – Todd

My kids skipped in a circle on the neatly packed bricks of the square at the entrance of Disneyland.  Kellie was fussing with the stroller and I was checking our wristbands as the hundreds of other families readied themselves for a fantastic day.  It’s a magical place, truly it is. We bounced from one rideContinue reading “How I Found God At Disneyland – Todd”


I’m angry this morning. I don’t normally wake up angry yet today I am. A friend of mine who has influence and has influenced hundreds of adults and high school students died suddenly on July 4th of a brain aneurism.  Young, brilliant, creative and physical death captured him as he prepared for his day. FunnyContinue reading “I’M ANGRY AT DEATH”

Do It WITH Fear

I heard a story of a firefighter who climbed up a five story ladder to rescue a woman hanging out a flame engulfed apartment building.  As smoke billowed from the window, the woman screamed and coughed and begged for the firefighter to hurry.  The ladder lurched into place and the firefighter met her on theContinue reading “Do It WITH Fear”