Why Relationships Are My Candles – Todd Stocker.com

As of yesterday, I’ve been on the globe a half century. Pardon my stroll, but over this chunk of my history, I’ve cycled through multiple educational systems and won a few accolades. I’ve held jobs from delivering pizza to restoring antiques to working as a flight attendant among others. I’ve circled the world, climbed mountains... Continue Reading →


A quick Christmas Day tour of Facebook reveals “pondering.” The student who is glad to be home for the holidays. The mom who watches her kids as they open gifts. The dad who reflects on his gratefulness for his family. The pondering heart is a thankful heart because to ponder means to throw ideas together... Continue Reading →

Boundaries and The Gay Marriage Debate

I’m all for human rights.  Our Declaration of Independence helps spell out 3 basics - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But what happens when our human rights intersect with God’s boundaries?  Someone or something has got to give. Enter the gay-marriage debate.  One side says that all people should be allowed the “right”... Continue Reading →

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