Addressing Your ‘What if’ Fear – Todd

Every neighborhood has ‘that house’. You know the one.  The dwellers seem to be a bit strange and the property is unkempt.  There may be obvious maintenance needs with city citations piling up inside their ‘overstuffed with junk-mail’ mailbox.  The rest of the neighbors talk and shake their heads and the kids make up ghostContinue reading “Addressing Your ‘What if’ Fear – Todd”

4 Ways To Make A Difference This Halloween

***THIS IS A RE-POST OF MY POST REGARDING HALLOWEEN*** As a kid, I always loved Halloween.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Go to people’s homes, ring the doorbell, spout off that silly little phrase and get candy!  What could be easier?  As I grew older, I understood more clearly that the origins of this American favorite,Continue reading “4 Ways To Make A Difference This Halloween”