Part 4: Getting Healthy – Can I Do This?

I-can-doBefore I decide to coach someone on getting healthy, I meet over coffee to discuss their readiness.  In that initial conversation, the question “Can I do this?” often comes up.  Usually it is based on trial and failure from the past.

The question is not a good question.  “Can I do this” immediately put’s doubt and negativity on the table.  “Can I do this” attaches a ball and chain to any positive effort you attempt.  In my meeting, the potential coachee has to get to a point of not asking “Can I do this?”  but saying “I can do this.”

It is not positive thinking.  It is not some incantation that holds a magic spell.  It is simply a decision that you make in your mind to follow through, with help, until a small goal is reached.  Results fuel belief which causes us to take more action and get more results.  

The Bible says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Every intentional action begins in the mind.  Every positive life-change that you control finds it’s starting line in the mind.

My little book, “Break Through Weight Loss” has so much more to say on this including never doing this journey alone and getting your mind right.  This is why I get people started with my 10 day jumpstart.  10 days is all it takes to see results.  Watch for more on that as well.

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Part 2: You have to have a big ‘WHY’

the-big-whyMany questions about health dive right into goals, strategy and tactics. We are curious about how to do something. We seek out what the keys are. But the question that not only gets you to the starting line but keeps you motivated throughout the journey is why. Why do you want to get healthy? Why do you want to lose the extra winter weight. A strong why will keep you going. A strong why will focus your choices. The bigger the why the bigger the success.

I read a story about a woman who’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan. While he was there and unbeknownst to him, she 051913_ff_soldier_640decided to lose 100 pounds before his return. The video clips force tears because her why is rehearsed in a statement she said during one interview. “If he is strong enough to serve our country, I am strong enough to give this gift to him.” In another interview, she said, “The reason I lost the weight began with him but then I realized that I was doing it for me.”  (Read the story).

So if you’ve identified an area in which you want to improve, you need to craft a ‘why’ statement. How do you do that? Follow these steps:

  1. Write down all the answers to the question, “I want to (lose weight, get financially free, increase my strength) because (__________________). Brainstorm. Put down all the possibilities. Jot all your thoughts.
  2. Look through the list and put a ‘+’ sign by the reasons that are written in a positive light. Scratch out all the negative ones.
  3. Of the positive statements, which one is the biggest? When you read them, which one jumps off the page or makes you feel like you’ve come alive?
  4. Rewrite that statement making sure that it is about what you’ll gain and not what you’ll loose. (e.g. I’m not losing weight, I’m gaining strength. I’m not losing pounds, I’m gaining confidence).  If you want to shoot it to me, I’ll give you some confidential feedback.  Send it to me here.
  5. Put it on a card so you can see it throughout the day.

This was mine, “I want to lose weight because I want to gain comfort for me and those who watch me.” Let me explain. First, I was uncomfortable getting up out of chair. I was uncomfortable in clothes that were too tight or didn’t fit right. I was uncomfortable walking up stairs. I didn’t like that. Second, I speak weekly in front of large groups of people. I know that if I am uncomfortable then the audience can intuitively pick that up and they’ll feel uncomfortable as well. I want the audience to benefit from what I say without any distractions.

Notice that my why was about me first and others second. Internal conviction drives external action. If you’re getting healthy because of someone else, you won’t achieve the results you’re after.  Even the woman in the story above realized that it was first about her, then her husband.

So what area of your life needs improvement? Is it physical health? Is it financial health? Follow the simple exercise and return to it over and over.

What questions do you have?  Ask them confidentially below:

Part 1: It’s in your mind

63385-If-Its-Still-In-Your-Mind-It-Is-Worth-Taking-The-RiskLast week, I was blown away with the questions I received about getting healthy.  The questions ranged from “How do I stop binge eating?” to “What does it take to get emotionally healthy?” to “Can I really do this?”  “For me, these were all questions that rattled around my head as well.

Since college, I’ve dropped pounds and gained pounds.  I’ve felt healthy emotionally/spiritually and felt lousy in the same.  I’ve bounced around from extreme to extreme, hoping that this time, it would stick.  Sound familiar?

Finally, I had a conversation with a health coach and it reminded me of a verse …

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Transformation.  In Greek, it is ‘metamorpho’ which is our word ‘metamorphosis’.  Yup, like the caterpillar that changes into a butterfly.

That is what I was looking for.  I didn’t want to TRY something else.  I didn’t want to simply HOPE that health was possible.  Over the next several months, with help, I focused more on that verse than on the actually action of that verse.  What I mean is that getting healthy first and foremost begins with your mind, not your body.  I had to get to a point where I was convinced that getting healthy was something over which I had control.  Internally and externally I had to hear myself say, “I’m going to do this!”  45 pounds later, I’m still hearing myself say, “I am doing this!”

Now, I’m able to help others do the same.

One person I began coaching was feeling so uncomfortable because of those extra pounds.  In our initial conversation, she wanted to try the 10 day jump start that I use to get people on their way.  I said no because I didn’t hear from her that she was going to do it – simply, try it.  The reasons she gave me didn’t center on her but on someone else.  She wanted to look great for her husband.  That’s a good and noble reason but it is not a starting point.  Eventually, she made the commitment for her in her own mind and so far has lost over 12 pounds.

The problem most people have in getting healthy in any area of their life is that they are doing it for someone else.  The spouse, the girlfriend or boyfriend, even other people they don’t know because they want to look attractive.  These are not the reasons that set you up for long-term success.

You have to get your mind right!  You have to come to a point when you know for sure you’re going to do it and it is only then that you’re at the starting line.  The correct ‘why’ has to come before the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.  Remember, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

So here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re want to get healthy.

  • Why do I want to get healthy?
  • Is it for me or someone else?
  • Am I convinced that now is the time?  Why?

I’d love to hear your questions.  Ask it below and yes, IT’S COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.38.05 AM

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What Do You Want To Know About Weight Loss?

happy mug“Alright, you talked me into it!”

I’ve been getting tons of questions about how I lost 40 pound last year.   Example FAQ’s are…

How did you do it?
Was it hard?
How long did it take?
How do you stay on track with a busy schedule?

And the list goes on.  I love this because I am passionate about sharing what Kellie and I learned on our breakthrough weight loss journey.  I also love to see the positive results in people that I’ve coached over the months in doing the same!  Yesterday, one of my peeps said, “I’m down 12 pounds already and I feel great!”

So here is what I’m going to do about it for you.  I’m going to answer YOUR QUESTIONS on my blog over the next few weeks to help you get healthy for summer.

But I need your help!

I want to know what your key questions are about healthy weight loss.

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The Biggest Loser – What Are You Known For?

the_biggest_loser_lisa_rambo.004Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Lisa Rambo, current contestant on the TV reality show, Biggest Loser.  Her bright smile and energy filled the room as she spoke about her experience.   She talked about what inspired her to audition, her experience on the workout “ranch” and how God was really her strength on those day where she had none.

As I reflect on that interview, what struck me – among other things – was that she is not going to be remembered for being on the Biggest Loser, but that she changed her’s and thousands of other peoples’ lives by who she is, not by what she did.  In other words,  the TV show was simply a platform through which her faith story and determination will serve as a model of inspiration for years to come.  (By the way, if you need a keynote, retreat or event speaker, I highly suggest Lisa!  Find her here.)

What are you known for?

Are you a super-musician that chooses not use your gift to add value to others?  Are you great at running a free-market enterprise but can’t manage your own family?  Are you wonderful and reading and studying the Bible but you use that knowledge to simply make a point rather than make a difference?  We all have uniqueness.  We all have experience.  Some are large scale like Lisa’s, others are smaller.  But to whomever you have influence, are you using that platform for their betterment or simply to advance yourself?

As of today, Lisa has 7 weeks left to go before the final show and according to her, it is going to be a tough 7 weeks.  As I pray to encourage her, I also ask God to give me the humility to be known for adding value and leadership to the people around me.

What are you known for?

You can hear the interview by clicking here.  (The date is 1/27/2013.  The interview starts about 8 minutes in).



The One Secret to a Great Weekend!

If you’re like me, you enjoy your weekends.  That time of rest from your work is so important to your overall health.  However, studies show that more and more people are feeling less rejuvenated by their weekly break.

Is this you?  Here is the one secret to having a great weekend:

Be intentional with your weekend time:

Since our weekly hours are usually spent in time-sensitive deadlines, we over compensate on the weekends and “do whatever we want”.  However, we end up floating aimlessly through the days with no direction.  To steer away from the tyranny of aimlessness, schedule your weekend as you would your work week.  I normally do that a head of time, throughout the week.

How do you do that?

  • Look at the hours in your weekend as chunks of time.  Don’t try to determine your activities moment by moment but rather half days by half days.  For me, this is a good measurement.  For example, I know that honoring God in Worship is the priority.  Then I look at the other half day chunks and go from there.
  • Engage the “less-is-more” rule.  Don’t overload the amount of activities you’d like to do.  If there are kids events or family happenings that you’re required to do, be cautious of adding extra non-required activities.  This makes for a hurried and un-enjoyable weekend.
  • Most Important!  Schedule personal flexed-downtime (my word).  Before you are barraged with  the honey-do-list, events or required activities, chunk out a block of time for yourself.   However, know what that time looks like.  Here’s my own example.  On my first day off, I chunk out 8am-11am and call it Todd-time.  During this time, I do the things I enjoy – writing, ready, listening to music etc.  This is the refreshment time of my weekend.  Then I move on and do other activities that may or may not be required.

The key is being intentional and I always try to find time to connect with family and friends at some point a midst the chunks.

Question:  How do you relax on a weekend?