071: What Is Christian Leaders Coaching? [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

New year!  New direction.  This is the first episode of my rebranded podcast.  Today, we’ll talk about why I made the switch and what the Christian Leaders Coaching podcast is all about.   

Coaching is fast becoming one of the key ways the people in and out of the workplace find personal and corporate excellence. 

Over the past year, I’ve been learning the skill of ‘coaching’ and have seen the power of helping people find answers to life and work questions so they can move forward in life in a positive way.  

For more, go to http://www.ChristianLeadersCoaching.com

Today, I’m breaking down the three words that make up Christian Leaders Coaching.

Coaching – A good way to describe it is by what it is not.  Remember that all of these are useful.

It is not …

• Counseling – takes a person from -10 to normalcy.  Coaching picks up there and helps move people to  +10 and beyond.  

• Mentoring/Advising – you’re giving your opinion. bringing your personal experience to the table.

• Consulting – close to to the mentor but they are brought into companies to help raise money or build buildings for example. 

• Discipling – Christian world.  principles from the Scripture or from Christian living and teach people how to be a better christ follower by being a better husband or wife or how to know God deeper and love people better.   

There are all awesome and needed in the world today.  What’s the one thing all these roles have in common?  Teaching.  That’s good.  But for lasting change in a person’s life teaching only goes so far.  It is when a person comes up with their own course of action is when true life change happens. 

So what is coaching?  you think of a football coach… no, cause he’s calling the plays, coming up with strategies.  the original definition of a coach was a vehicle that takes a person from one place to another.

So in the coaching relationship, I don’t make the decisions.  I don’t advise or talk about what worked for me in the past (even though I have a lot of experience).  I ask the questions that help you find that answers that are right for your circumstance.  


“I’m not a leader. I work in the home. or I’m a student or I’m an accountant.”

I believe that everyone is a leader – starting with yourself.  You lead yourself first, John Maxwell is famous for saying.  


• Less of a label or demographic and more of the description of here my framework comes from.   

• I am a Christian.  I work mainly in Christian environments and I believe that following the teachings and principles of the Bible are the best way to relate in business, in life, and in the world

By the way, other non-Christian religions have similar principles as well.  Love your neighbor as yourself is a wonder principle in most religions.  Carrying for the under-served, the poor and the like… 

So I’ll use teachings from the Jesus and principles from the bible as the undergirding and foundation of what I talk about.  

My focus will be both helping you with life and leadership topics like I always have, but also helping you take a ‘coach approach’ to how you speak with people.



069: Christmas – What We Can Learn About Servant Leadership – Todd Stocker.com

If you’re a Christian or not, Christmas teaches us all about Servant Leadership. Today we learn from a great model who was the best servant leader ever!

On This Episode:

Today’s Quote:  “You’ll do more GOOD if you aim to SERVE more than you aim to PLEASE”. – Chris Edmonds

Most people recognize Christmas as a time when the faithful celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world.  So today, I want you to think through what Jesus did.  Even if you’re not a church-goer or spiritual, I believe Christmas is about Servant leadership.

Servant leadership is about fixing problems. 

So there are 3 basic components of fixing problems.

  1. Identify or become aware of a need
  2. A plan is set in place depending on the problem.
  3. Someone takes ownership of getting it done.  This is where servant leadership comes in.

So how does this sync up with the story of Christmas?

God identified a problem with all of humanity in that wrong-doing (or sin) caused a break in our relationship with him.  He set a plan in place of paying the price for that wrong-doing with the goal of bringing people back into a loving relationship with him.  Jesus came to pay that price,  initiating the greatest act of servant leadership in the world — dying and rising to make things right.  


At its core, servant leadership is all about the leader being a servant to the people under his watch.


053: 3 Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation – Todd Stocker.com

vacation.001Chances are, you have just returned from or are planning to go on a vacation before the new school year begins.  How do you enjoy your vacation and make the most of your time away?  Here are 3 tips.


Statistics show that late July and early August are the highest times for people to take vacations.  If you’re like me, you look forward to the time away from the daily norm.   They recharge me.  They refresh me.  They allow me time to think at a higher level than in the day-to-day.  I believe that vacations are a sacred thing because the Bible teaches that there are seasons of work and seasons of rest (Ecc. 3:1-8).

How do you have a great vacation?  3 tips: 

First, determine the purpose of the vacation. 

The reason this helps make a great vacation is it helps keep you from the “What do you want to do today” syndrome.  It gives direction for relaxation and it helps you not miss an opportunity that is lined up with the purpose of the vacation.

Don’t get to detailed.  No hourly plans.  

Second, be in the moment.

“in the moment” means to be observant of what’s happening around you.  If you’re at the lake with the kids, watch them play in the water.  Figure out how to invent a new game with them or make a twist on an old game like playing tag.  

The problem for many of us a while to mentally leave work and be on vacation! Or we bring work with us.  Honesty check for me.  I always do this.  Because I’m a writer, I always have my laptop with me.  So here’s what I’ve done the past few vacations.  I’ve schedule media time (this is actually good to do for with your kids). For me, it’s no different from the work week… even on vacation, i’m up early writing.  But then I put it away… or try to.  I’ve given my wife permission to call me out on this. 

Be in the moment  not on the media.

Third, during your vacation, take time to learn something new about God.  Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that you’re away from God.  He is always with you.  As you experience new environments, people and events, ask yourself “What does this experience teach me about God’s love?  What can I appreciate and thank God for during my vacation?”  You’ll be surprised by the sense of joy that wells up from inside when you begin your vacation mornings looking at nature or family and saying, “Thank You Lord for providing so much for me!”  Asking these types of questions are one of the ways we grow in faith and become mature disciples.

A wonderful truth is that God has offered us a vacation every week of every year.  He said that one day a week is set aside for us to refresh and worship the Lord for His love, grace and provision.  That day is called the Sabbath.  God made it for you as a resting – worshiping day.  (Mark 2:27).

So enjoy this time of year.  Rest up.  Eat out. Relax and refresh with your families.  Most of all, thank the Lord because He loved you enough to give you this great thing called “Vacation.”


Seven Years Afloat: Makenzie Home-going Anniversary – Todd Stocker.com

mourningIntoDancing.001Seven years ago, I thought my anchor gave way.  My life’s-boat was set a drift in a storm called “the death of a child” when my oldest daughter, Makenzie, was killed in traffic accident.

Yet what I found was my anchor was more secure than ever.  The pain, the grief, the emptiness and the heartbreak were waves battering the hull of my life yet beneath it all, the anchor of hope held. 

“This hope we have is the anchor of the soul…” Hebrews 6:19

Hope is secure as it finds its hold in the Spirit.  Hope is hooked when it believes the promises of God.  Hope is anchored when it sinks deep into the unfathomable love of Jesus. 

So let the torrents rage.  Let the waves crash.  Let the sky darken and the rains pour because I know all these things must take place.  Yet, I sleep well in the belly of my life’s boat because my anchor will hold as it is set in God’s enduring love for me.   


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[The book I’m writing this year is called “Anchored – Finding Stability In A World Adrift”.  If you’d like to receive free advanced chapters and be notified when its available, sign up below — I’ll send you a portion of the book’s proposal right away!]

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Memorial Day – The Unfathomable Sacrifice – Todd Stocker.com

memorial day heros war.001“The atrocities of war are only overshadowed by the heroism of their dead.” (Tweet that)

As we lean into the Memorial Day weekend, our thoughts are on the time off, the friends gathering, the grilling, boating, and lounging.  Many are speeding to the cabin or to family a state away.  All of us look forward to this weekend because of the breath it affords before we being the summer. 

Yet, as we all know, there is a bigger, deeper, more epic meaning to Memorial Day.  It is the day we remember those millions of men and women who’ve stepped in the line of fire, taken the hit, protected, served and sacrificed their very lives to make sure America stays America. 

I’ve never been on the field of battle.  I’ve never held a military issue weapon, point it at another who’s doing the same to me and pulled the trigger out of fear, training, and duty.  My spirit can’t comprehend the colors, smells and images that sear into those who, willingly or not, step forward to defend my freedoms.  And finally, I don’t know what it’d be like to wake up every dusty morning, kiss a picture of my family and wonder if this is my last day this side of heaven. 




… but ultimately, Sacrifice. 

It is the golden principle of love.  Giving your life for others. 

So this memorial day, spend at least one moment giving thanks for the heroism that secures liberty.  Think of those who didn’t know when their last breath would be and praise God for the freedom he gives all humanity through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13


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Do You Disconnect To Reconnect? – Todd Stocker.com

disconecctreconnect.001I recently started a closed Facebook group for my ‘Take Back Your Life’ community (click below).  These folks are new ‘voices’ that I already love.

Yesterday, I asked the group what a weekend looks like for them and one of the ‘Lifers’ — that’s what I call us — said that weekends were her time to disconnect to reconnect.  Fleshing that out, she meant that she disconnects from work to reconnect with family and friends. 

Beautiful thought.  Disconnect to Reconnect.  Disconnect from a crazy routine.  Disconnect from the slaving 9-to-5.  Disconnect from chaos, boredom, and meaninglessness to reconnect to calm, fun and purpose. 

Good advice — advice I need to practice because in my love for ideas, leadership and creativity, I tend to work 24/7.  Disconnecting gives me the opportunity to be refreshed, encouraged, and intentionally hit a ‘reset’ on my thoughts and relationships.  

It’s what Jesus did.  He disconnected from the crazy to reconnect to his Father.  He disconnected from divinity to reconnect with humanity, all the while embodying both.  

Disconnect to Reconnect.  Its a great model for healthy living.  How do you ‘disconnect to reconnect’?

To request to be a part of the new ‘Take Back Your Life’ Facebook group, click the image below.


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Grace: The Athletes Key To Greatness – Todd Stocker.com

grace-coachI was teaching 8th + 9th grade boys about the concept of Grace.  (I know — I’m one of the nutty ones).  Many of these guys are athletes and good ones at that.  Trying to find an analogy that would hit home, I harkened back to my days of sports.  Mr. Wesslin and Coach Hatch teaching me football and basketball basics caused me to sweat where I stood.  Hopefully, they didn’t notice.

“So guys.  When you mess up or don’t do a drill to your full potential, your coach points to the ground and barks, ‘Drop and give me …’” To which they all chanted “20!”  Why ’20’ I don’t know but they all knew the number and I felt their pain.

“So what if you messed up as before and your coach yelled the same command yet before you could react, he dropped to the ground and did the 20 pushups for you?”  They all smiled.  I’m not sure if it was out of relief or the visual of their authority down on the ground.  Either way, they got it.

And you should get it to for two reasons.

First, God has given you a coach who did your pushups for you.  (I know, that’s a lame way of speaking about Jesus but really, that’s what he did in concept).  Your mess-up, your lack of fulfilling what is required, your falling short of the goal requires a payment.  And it’s a payment that you can’t handle.

Second, because he has done that for you, you are free to live in that grace for yourself and for others.  Give yourself a break.  God did.  I mean, there is still consequences for wrong decisions and screwing up, but in terms of being kicked off the team — pushing the analogy — you have a starting position that won’t be taken away.  As you live in that Grace and extend that Grace to others, your life success level will skyrocket.  People will identify you, not as one who is gullible but as gifted.  People will want to do business with you because of the integrity that is the key by-product of Grace.

Our world needs strong, Grace-infused leaders and you are among that group.  Step into it.  Live it.  Be it.


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My Holiday Hangover – Todd Stocker.com

No, it’s not what you think.  I didn’t imbibe beyond limit and I don’t have a headache.  I’m not calling in sick to work and I’m not sipping milk and eating crackers. 

The hangover I’m referencing occurs these first few January weeks after the holidays and is always a bit of a let down for me.  My living room seems bare without the tree and the red, blue and green decorations that use to dot my house are now in their boxes in the attic.  No more breaking my healthy eating habits and no more parties and extra events to put me in the holiday spirit. 

I have a hangover.

It is in these days and weeks — when life seems to crawl along under the dark blanket of winter — that I need a way to recover and to move ahead with joy.  When nothing seems to be happening, happiness seems to be hibernating. 

It is now — this morning especially — that Jesus’ words take on a new encouragement. 

“I am with you always — even in the hangovers.” Matthew 28:20 [TRV- Todd Revised Version]

Five words to revitalize me.  Five words to encourage me.  Five words that tell me my hangover is almost over.  He reminds me that there are no life situations from which he is absent.  He crafts the environments of fun and holds my hand when its over.  He tells me to buck up when I need that and provides rest when I need that too.  He is always with me which makes my hangover endurable.


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Christmas Light Has Come – Todd Stocker.com

christmas light has come.001I came home late last night (Christmas Eve), exhausted and exhilarated from my work at the church.  Snuggled on the couch, I found it funny to see my wife and two twenty-ish year-old children in fetal positions, waiting for me like 5 years olds waiting for Santa.

I saw it in their eyes.  They wanted to open gifts.  Succumbing to their kid-like grins, I agreed.  Nathan played Santa.  And let me just say, he was hilarious.  Diving under the tree, he’d grab gifts and deliver them to their designated owners.  Each gift opened, he danced around and was more excited about the gift than the opener was.  “Its a Christmas miracle!” he’d exclaim at the revelation of every gift of socks, lotion or deodorant (that last one was mine and yes, we’re cheap).

There was one problem.  The lights in our living room were dim — very dim.  It’s how my family likes it to create a ‘mood’ as they call it.  For me, I couldn’t see anything.  Mood, shmood — if there is no light, you fumble around, even when opening Christmas gifts.

That is how it is when the light is dim.  Life becomes a frustrating game of fumbling.

That is why Christmas is a wonderful celebration of light.  A light from God, coming down and breaking into the story of man.  Jesus dispelling the darkness that causes all men to fumble.

There is a hymn we used to sing in which is sung,

“In him there is no darkness at all.  The night and the day are both alike.”

Yes, Christmas.  The celebration that into our brokenness, God sends healing.  In our desperation, God sends hope.  In our darkness, God sends a little baby to be the light of the world.

This morning, the gifts are unwrapped and sitting on our coffee table.  Now that it’s morning, I can actually see what everyone received, because the light has come and all is well.


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5 Feelings Your Pastor Feels Every Week – Todd Stocker.com

feelingpastor.001I’ve been a pastor for many years.  I’ve been able to serve wonderful congregations and ministries and have had the privilege of being part of a team to plant a fantastic church in a Phoenix suburb.

Every year of my shepherding journey, this awkward month rolls around called ‘October’ which has been deemed “Pastor Appreciation Month.”  Mostly, I shuffle my ego during this month as it reminds me of how incapable I am in this role.  I know I’m not alone as most of us clergy-folk would rather put our proverbial noses to the ministry grindstone and do what it takes to reach people for Jesus than to receive accolades for that which we feel woefully incapable of doing. 

As I reflect on this calling, I thought it helpful to rehearse 5 feelings with which your pastor may juggle in any given week of serving this beautifully messy thing called, ‘The Church’.  Please know that I don’t pretend to be the voice of the pastorate, but hopefully you’ll find this non-exhaustive list helpful.  

  • JOY/HAPPINESS. I know that’s two and there’s a difference but I’m sewing them together for this.  When we hear that in some small way, God used our words, our presence or our smile to make someone love Jesus more, it joyfully reaffirms and reawakens our reason for doing what we do.  That makes us happy. 
  • FEAR.  Having God whisper a new or augmented vision for the church we serve, most of us try to write it off as the effects of last nights tainted shellfish that wasn’t fully cooked.  Yet, when God doesn’t let us off the hook and the new idea is confirmed by a few others in the church, fear begins his assault.
  • FRUSTRATION. Dive deep into the heart of your Pastor and most of you will find a heart that loves Jesus and wants others to know Him as well.  Sometimes we want to push our timelines and not His. Sometimes we don’t understand why you don’t see what’s in our heads.  Sometimes we expect you in the pew to change based on one sermon or letter blast that 3% of you read.  We get frustrated.  We sometimes get numb and sometimes we may do things out of this feeling that we wish we could take back.
  • INSECURITY.  We are trained in theology, church history and Law-Gospel preaching.  Some of us have specific and enduring training in counseling, care ministry or outreach.  Rarely are we trained in how lead an organization with budgets, staff and programs.  We shoot from the hip and hope we don’t blowup anything important.  Many times a week, we feel more like imposters than pastors.  God help us.
  • OVERWHELMED.  The job is never done and yes, we do work more than 2 hours on Sunday.  Because most of us love what we do, we make ourselves available sometimes to the detriment of our families, other times to the detriment of other work.  It piles up and sometimes it ‘hits the fan’ and retreat is our only perceived option.

Okay, I’ll add one more:

  • HONORED.  The role of pastor is a serving role.  It is a role that helps steward the mysteries of God’s spiritual realm called the ‘Kingdom’.  In the quiet of our souls, we know what a huge risk God took when he called us into church-work.  We know our sin and pray you don’t.  We feel immersed in the knowledge of our incapability as it applies to the perceived pastor-role.  ‘Honored’ seems to be a white-washed word when it describes being able to serve the God of the universe by serving you.

We love you, Church, and most of us do our best.  While the above list seems to be negatively weighted, the joy we find in the small moments of our day far outshines the duties of the office.  I hope I speak for all of us when I say that it is a privilege to serve along side of you to help create environments through which the Holy Spirit can change lives. 


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[Pastors:  Here’s a free little resource that may help.  “5 Ways To Balance Your Life.”]

“For God is not unjust. He will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers, as you still do.” Hebrews 6:10

When Attempted Suicide Meets Hope – Todd Stocker.com

hopelessnessThe police vehicles blew past us and into the neighborhood that we were driving.  Pulled to the curb, we were behind another car and another was parked in the exit lane of a parking lot.  Our three cars formed an ‘L’ shape.  This was yesterday.

Immediately, I noticed a body lying at the crux of our ‘L’ — half on the curb and half on the street.  The other drivers were on their phones, calling 911 and we realized that the police had not seen it but were instead heading to the address from which the initial call originated.

Kellie and I swiftly but cautiously walked over.  He was spread eagle and shirtless and his chest rose up and down in small spurts as his body struggled to take in air.  The closer we came, the more visible was the blood that formed several streams down his chest and was also pooling on the concrete around the back of his head.  A deep, 5 inch large open gash on the side of his neck told us he was trying to end his life only 30 seconds before.

I noticed an 8 inch fishing knife still in his limp right hand and his blue t-shirt was balled up next to him.  Quietly and quickly — and maybe foolishly, I guess — I took a corner of that t-shirt, grabbed the knife out of his hand and hurried it several feet away from the near lifeless man.

Then I stood over him, talking.  I don’t remember what I said other than, “It’s going to be okay.  What’s your name, friend?  What’s your name?”  He didn’t move initially but then furrowed his brow and squinted up at me as if waking from a long sleep. 

“Jesse,” he said. 

“Don’t move, Jesse,” I said. “You’re going to be okay.”

The police circled back at that moment and descended on Jesse — first handcuffing him for safety reasons and then tending to his wounds.  Kellie and I stepped back, both of us storming the gates of heaven for Jesse.  He will live, physically anyway.

Deep breath.

What makes someone so empty that they would endure self-inflicted pain to avoid pain altogether?  What makes a person so desperate that they would — in broad daylight and on a bustling street — give up all to gain nothing?  Many professionals and observers have explanations but not answers, except maybe one: 

They have lost hope.

Hope sustains.  Hope thrives.  Hope develops and lifts up.  Hope deprived means death on all kinds of levels. Jesus even said, “In this world, you’re going to have trouble,” which to me is the most ‘Captain Obvious’ statement of the scriptures.  But then he said, “take heart because I have overcome the world.”

That’s Hope.  That’s life.  That’s strength.

As we left Jesse to the care of the wonderful officers attending him, Kellie leaned over and said, “Jesse.”  He opened his eyes, looked up at her and forced a little grin.  “Jesse,” Kellie continued, “God has a wonderful purpose for your life.”

“Thank you,” Jesse said and smiled.

Simple — and that’s how Hope works best.


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When Evil Goes On Live TV – Todd Stocker.com

evil-tvJust a normal live broadcast for reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.  They loved what they did and this past week, they died doing it.  A former employee and co-worker raised slinked onto the shot and murdered the two of them and injured a third.

I couldn’t believe the evil.  It was meticulous and planned.  One of the videos show the perspective of the cowardly shooter who raised his gun a few times before firing rounds at the news crew who had no idea the live shot would culminate in death shots.    

This wasn’t laser tag.  This was live TV.  This wasn’t a video game with pixelated forms and alien invaders.  This was real life with people who loved and were loved.  

Many call it evil.  The diagnosis of the shooter is projected as disillusioned depression.  Both are correct for in the fall of man, evil distorts awareness, judgement and relationship.  Evil warps perception and ‘self’ seeks to fill its own emptiness.  

I believe our world is heading for a ‘shaking’ — a reset, if you will — and this event confirms it even more.  I read the times.  I look at the convergence of religious and stellar calendars.  I see the increased access to evil deeds around the globe.  Somehow, I strive to be like the biblical men of Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what to do.  

Yet I am not disheartened for I know God has overcome the evil that thinks it will win.  I am anchored in the truth that no matter what happens in the world or to me, I’ll be okay — even if I end up on live TV. 

Take heart.  Jesus has overcome the world.  John 16


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How To Know Your Future – Todd Stocker.com

future.001I’ve always been a future thinker.  Some would say too much so.  Now, I don’t dwell on the past and I enjoying living the experiences of the present.   The future, however, fascinates me.  It is ‘coming up’ which in and of itself tempts me with mysteries yet to be experienced.  

Some have said you cannot know the future.  To an extent, I believe them.  Specifics of events and unexpected twists and turns wave into our lives without a glimpse of warning.  But I reject the notion that ‘you can’t know your future’ because if I believe that statement 100%, I become a flimsy puppet being pulled by the strings of whatever comes.  I am doomed to live a life with no hope, no expectation and no motivation.  

No thanks!

I submit to you that you can know your future.  Jesus even told us how. 

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future.John 16:13 NLT.

I read that again for the first time this morning and my heart jumped.  The main joy of God’s Holy Spirit is to bring you into a saving relationship with Jesus, but another of his joys is to guide you in all aspects of life — including the future.  He speaks in the quiet of the morning to give you next steps, to help you find answers and to give you peace.  If you’re not a spiritual person, the sense that you should be doing ’this or that’ and those ‘gut feelings’ are God’s Holy Spirit helping you along (just so you know:) ).  

That’s why I’ve been working in a church for 17 years.  That’s why I’ve been blogging for 6 years.  That’s why I recently started the Take Back Your Life Podcast: To help people realize there is always hope and that you have the choice to make your life better in the future, all guided by His Spirit.  

So to know your future, be wise by looking at your past and present successes and failures.  Invest a few minutes in prayer before the last drop of your first morning coffee.  Seek wise advice from God-following folks and you too can know your future.  

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln


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The Sower: Good Soil is Synchronized

goodsoilThe story of the sower and the seed is rich with truth and application.  (You can read it here).  But of all the ‘soils’ that Jesus mentions, the one that hits me today is the good soil – not because it’s who I’m striving to be and not because it’s the Christian thing to say.  It is the fascination with Jesus’ description of it.  Jesus says “the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.

Diving deeper, the greek word for ‘understands’ means to take truth and comprehend it as part of a whole.  The word is where our English word ‘synchronize’ is derived.  I think of synchronized swimmers.  Their movements and positions in the water match each other.  I think of a piano synchronized string to string.  It is in tune and produces breath-taking music that soothes souls.  I think of an engine synchronized by the master mechanic.  It’s low hum is the reflection of uber performance.

My synchronization comes in aligning myself with who God wants me to be and then what He wants me to be about.  I am His child and bear His name.  I am to be about love and grace, mercy and peace.  I am to add value to others which honors God.  In that, I am synchronized by the Spirit to be a reflection of His love.

Than’s Good Soil.



What A Dumb Thing To Ask!

Inheritance“Good Teacher – what must I do to inherit eternal life?”  Mark 10:17

What a dumb thing to ask!  “Doing” and “Inheriting” don’t fit together!  Think about it.  If you inherit something, is there anything you have to do to inherit it?  When I die, isn’t it up to me to assign my possessions to my kids?  Can you manipulate the system to be born into the family into which you are born?

That’s silly!

When this man came to Jesus and asked this question, I can imagine Jesus rolling his eyes.  You don’t DO ANYTHING to inherit eternal life.  It is offered to you as a free gift of God!  It is laid out in front of you like a red carpet of Grace onto which you step by the power of the Holy Spirit.  It is an inheritance that you inherit, not earn.

So if you’re a believer, live with the inheritance in mind.  You are a child of the king!  You are an heir into the throne room of God!  You are saved by the Grace of Christ!

Do nothing – Inherit everything!

Go and live like that and stop being so silly!