You Need A Challenge And Here’s Why – Todd

Raise your mental hand if you have ever said ‘yes’ to something that sounded fun, realized that you were in over your head but then completely enjoyed the experience? If you’re an ‘I’ on the DiSC personality assessment, most likely you’ll be the first to show your armpits.  We ‘i’s’ love anything that sounds fun,... Continue Reading →

What Decorates Your Life? – Todd

It’s early in the morning and my view is an elegant one.  Our simple Christmas tree, with small white lights and history-telling ornaments, stands in its ‘once-a-year’ place in front of our living room window.  Presents have begun to appear underneath its green branches and transparent red ribbons stream from Star to stump. Decorations are... Continue Reading →

5 Feelings Your Pastor Feels Every Week – Todd

I’ve been a pastor for many years.  I’ve been able to serve wonderful congregations and ministries and have had the privilege of being part of a team to plant a fantastic church in a Phoenix suburb. Every year of my shepherding journey, this awkward month rolls around called 'October' which has been deemed “Pastor Appreciation... Continue Reading →

I Choose Joy

Up here, it's cold, rainy and dark.  The yellowing tree leaves pretend to be the sun but it's still rank with clouds.  Such it is transition for us Northerners from summer to winter through fall. I enjoy the change but I have to choose to do so.  I like when old and new collide into a... Continue Reading →


A quick Christmas Day tour of Facebook reveals “pondering.” The student who is glad to be home for the holidays. The mom who watches her kids as they open gifts. The dad who reflects on his gratefulness for his family. The pondering heart is a thankful heart because to ponder means to throw ideas together... Continue Reading →

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