062: 5 Leadership Lessons Learned From A King [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

The famous story of Daniel in the lion's den yields many life lessons. But there is another key player in the story through which we can learn good and faithful leadership. ON THIS EPISODE: King Darius.  Leadership one...  His kingdom was too big for him to rule alone so he divided up his land and... Continue Reading →

041: CLOUT – A Success Necessity [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Clout isn't a word we use much anymore.  But understanding its meaning is critical in your leadership and personal success.  On this episode, I use the letters in 'CLOUT' as a checklist to develop influence in people around you. ON THIS EPISODE: Quote for today: "Imperfect action is way better than perfect procrastination!" There are... Continue Reading →

040: Leadership Begins Below Your Waterline [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

If I were to ask you to describe someone you know that you thought was a great leader, what would you say? Most likely, you would describe that persons skills, style, personality, drive and a plethora of other characteristics. But leadership is more that what we see a person do. Leadership is who a person... Continue Reading →

039: Why People Pleasing Is Dangerous To Good Leadership [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Most leaders want to serve the best they can.  However, serving others and sacrificing core values, mission and vision is often the result of a people-pleaser mindset.  How do you balance both? ON THIS EPISODE: People pleasing is sometimes dangerous to good leadership. "It's an emotional trap when you start worrying about what other people... Continue Reading →

016: The Best Personal Leadership Question To Ask In Difficult Times – Todd Stocker.com

What is your first thought when life gets difficult.  When that project fails or you get sick or you run out of month at the end of the money.  This one personal leadership question could completely change your perspective. PODCAST SHOW NOTES: How do you deal with sudden loss or failure or frustration. it happens... Continue Reading →

011: One Secret Of Good Leadership – Todd Stocker.com

Leadership is a precious gift to business, home and community. While there are different types of leaders, there is one secret that all good leaders have in common. That's the topic today on The Take Back Your Life Podcast SHOW NOTES: I’ve been a leadership junkie for years.  Some of my favorite  Rory Vaden’s 'Take... Continue Reading →

What To Do When Your Lights Go Out

Superbowl 47.  Stellar performances.  Great come backs. Manly squabbles on the field.  And yes, even a “lights out” moment that changes the energy of play.  During those 34 minutes, the coaches on both sides instructed their teams to do four things while they waited in half darkness.  What the coaches told them applies you personally... Continue Reading →

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