Make Your Life Count – Todd

[In light of the political drama currently playing out, I thought I'd repost a writing that helps shed light on character and greatness]. A few weeks ago, I attended the funeral of a man who had poured out his life into the lives of others.  His passion was focused on helping organizations and Christian educational institutions... Continue Reading →

73 Seconds. Live Every Moment. – Todd

I lived in Houston for a few wonderful yet short years.  Specifically, I served a ministry that was right across the street for the Johnson Space Center near Nassau Bay and fell in love with the community and people who worked for NASA.  Many of their astronauts, engineers and support personal attended our church and through... Continue Reading →

This Beautifully Messy Life – Todd

I’ve seen a lot.  Some of what I’ve seen you wouldn’t want to see.  Some of what I’ve experienced in other people’s lives, you’ve experienced as well. Working in a ministry setting affords you a backstage pass to other people’s stories in a way that is deep and ugly and rich.  Most recently, a miscarriage... Continue Reading →

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