How To Overcome The Feeling Of Failure

I have a friend who is following my example and getting healthy.  This person put their mind in the right place (which is the first and most important step) and is beginning to shift eating and movement patterns to live a better life.  However, right as they were beginning, they went off-plan and ate aContinue reading “How To Overcome The Feeling Of Failure”

What To Do When Your Lights Go Out

Superbowl 47.  Stellar performances.  Great come backs. Manly squabbles on the field.  And yes, even a “lights out” moment that changes the energy of play.  During those 34 minutes, the coaches on both sides instructed their teams to do four things while they waited in half darkness.  What the coaches told them applies you personallyContinue reading “What To Do When Your Lights Go Out”