074: You Need Mental Weight Loss [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Did you know that just as your body can get out of shape your mind can as well?  When was the last time you got in shape mentally?  How do you do that?  I’ll talk about the importance of mental weight loss and how it is a key to peace and success. On This Episode:Continue reading “074: You Need Mental Weight Loss [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

031: How To Have A Better Perspective About Your Boss [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

What do you do when the boss you have makes your job unbearable?  How can you change your perspective in order to thrive in what you do? On This Episode: I talk with so many people who are in a job they aren’t passionate about or they don’t like.  I always ask how they gotContinue reading “031: How To Have A Better Perspective About Your Boss [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

What Is Your Battle, Today? – Todd Stocker.com

I didn’t want to get out of bed.  The one meeting with that one person glowed from the screen of my digital calendar and I wished it would self-delete. It was one of those needed conversations spurred by a miscommunication and resulting confrontation that turned my gut just visualizing it — and I didn’t wantContinue reading “What Is Your Battle, Today? – Todd Stocker.com”

A Perspective On Life’s Storms – Laura Dekker – Todd Stocker.com

I recently watched a documentary called “Maidentrip” in which 14 year-old Laura Dekker spent 18 months sailing around the world.  Here’s the kicker.  She did it alone.   She comes from a family that basically lives on the water so her skills and abilities were heartily grounded.  Yet, to take on a trip like thisContinue reading “A Perspective On Life’s Storms – Laura Dekker – Todd Stocker.com”

How to Find Happiness on $1.60

Coffee house gift cards tend to be my favorite.  I use them up to last drop. However, the other day, I didn’t.  The barista handed me my tall half-caf and slid my used gift card across the counter. “Can you check the balance?” “Sure,” She said.  “There’s a dollar sixty left on your card.” “Thanks,”Continue reading “How to Find Happiness on $1.60”

SNOW! Keys to Changing your Perspective

Yesterday, my part of the world was buried in 12 inches of snow.  People were spun out on the freeway and large tree limbs had collapsed under the weight of the frozen blanket.  Slow traffic, hard shovel-work and the threats of illness are all part of the winter experience.   It’s a burden.  It’s an inconvenienceContinue reading “SNOW! Keys to Changing your Perspective”

“Life is Good” – A Perspective

Life is good. No, not all the time.  Hardly.  Ask the new mom who looses her first child to SIDS.  Ask the husband who walks into work on Friday and is asked not to return on Monday.  Ask the young single who, once again, is offered a life-time of love and relationship only to haveContinue reading ““Life is Good” – A Perspective”


Last summer, our family nestled in the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado for a reunion. Every few years, our goal is to get together to catch up, love on each a bit and reconnect.  One of the points of our family’s reconnection is laughter. Even as a small boy, I can remember the calm moodContinue reading “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE”


I work with incredible leaders.  It’s a good thing because yesterday was a crazy day.  This time of year always is in the line of work to which I’ve been called.  But yesterdays event, while planned out in advance, had the potential of a train wreck.  Here’s why… First, our worship services were overstuffed with,Continue reading ““WE SURVIVED!” HOW TO STAY CALM IN THE MIDST OF A CHAOS”