005: Getting Kids Ready For Back To School Part 1 – Todd Stocker.com

School begins in a few weeks.  In my interview with life coach, Tracey Steivang, give awesome tips to make this the best “back to school” you’ve had ever!  This is part one of a two part interview. Links: Audible.com Tracey Steivang – Winn Coaching and Consulting Back To School Prayer Guide For Parents – A guideContinue reading “005: Getting Kids Ready For Back To School Part 1 – Todd Stocker.com”

Lesson from the Labyrinth

It was the first warm day in quite sometime.  Cloudless.  Sun-filled.  A beautiful spring day in Wisconsin.  I arrived at my meeting early and drove to the empty back parking lot of First Presbyterian Church in Hudson.  Maybe it was because I normally ran right into the church, but today, being early, I notice aContinue reading “Lesson from the Labyrinth”


Believe it or not, our nation is very godly.  Ask most anyone on the streets of New York, Boise or Sacramento and they’ll elude to the fact that they have “God” in their lives.  Enter into a conversation with church-goes and church-haters and you’ll discover that “God” that drives their life. The question is, “whoContinue reading “OUR NATION IS VERY GODLY”


Summer is winding down and the new school year is right around the corner! Hard to believe!  To prepare for the upcoming changes, you are shopping for clothes,books, and supplies, all of which are important. In the craziness of this time of year, we often forget to supply our students with the most important thingContinue reading “BACK TO SCHOOL – DON’T FORGET PRAYER!”


Yes, there I go again.  Rushing into a busy day, grabbing my keys, my wallet, my phone and my pride.  I’ve got many important things to do.  I’ve got a calendar full of meetings and a mind full of noise.  And yet I forget to fire up the most powerful app that far exceeds anyContinue reading “PRAYER: WHAT IF GOD SAID “YES?””

“Please God, Help Her”

It was a small blue car that pulled along side me at a random stoplight next to a railroad crossing sign.  I don’t remember much about its make or year  but I do remember the driver.  She was in her mid-twenties – her brown hair pulled up in a bun with wisps that exploded fromContinue reading ““Please God, Help Her””