Worry and Peace; Dark and Light – Todd Stocker.com

It wells up inside of you like water on the shy side of boiling.  You know the signs of it and feel its power.  It goes by many names but often, you know it as ‘Worry’.  Worry is the response to a life lived thin.  Worry is the rumble of a person in chaos.  Worry, by definition,Continue reading “Worry and Peace; Dark and Light – Todd Stocker.com”

023: 5 Tips On Handling Your Family During The Holidays – Todd Stocker.com

For most, the holidays are wonderful times of celebrations with friends and family. But what if your family celebrations are filled with tension? I offer 5 tips on handling those stressful times. On This Podcast: This time of year can be wonderful.  All of the events and celebrations with family should make us happy.  ButContinue reading “023: 5 Tips On Handling Your Family During The Holidays – Todd Stocker.com”

What Decorates Your Life? – Todd Stocker.com

It’s early in the morning and my view is an elegant one.  Our simple Christmas tree, with small white lights and history-telling ornaments, stands in its ‘once-a-year’ place in front of our living room window.  Presents have begun to appear underneath its green branches and transparent red ribbons stream from Star to stump. Decorations areContinue reading “What Decorates Your Life? – Todd Stocker.com”

022: One Secret To Being Popular – Todd Stocker.com

You’re not in high school anymore, but being a popular person — at work, home and with friends — can significantly change your life and more importantly, the lives of those around you. Today, I talk about being a sunrise person over and above being a sunset person. Podcast Show Notes: If you’ve listened toContinue reading “022: One Secret To Being Popular – Todd Stocker.com”

The Most Powerful Words From San Bernardino – Todd Stocker.com

Glued to my news sources, I — like you — have poured over the events that unfolded this week in San Bernardino.  Gunmen enter and shoot.  People duck and run. Police chase.  Shoot out. Death and ‘carnage’. Sad — just very sad. Of all the photos and videos recalling the events, there was one thatContinue reading “The Most Powerful Words From San Bernardino – Todd Stocker.com”

The Best Presents are ‘Presence’ – Todd Stocker.com

When I walked into her room, she was fidgety yet dressed nicely and sitting in her wheelchair, facing the window. “Gwen, its Todd,” I said, walking slowly toward her until her mind could click into recognizing my face. Gwen is a former neighbor who has no connected family and is under our care as powerContinue reading “The Best Presents are ‘Presence’ – Todd Stocker.com”

020: Why Thanksgiving Can Change Your Life – Todd Stocker.com

Thanksgiving can change your life.  It isn’t just about the physical benefits of the food, but about the radical life-changing attitude of gratitude.  How does thanksgiving change your life?  You’ll find out in this episode. Show Notes: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Maybe because it involves my five favorite “f’s”:  Family, Friends, Faith, Football andContinue reading “020: Why Thanksgiving Can Change Your Life – Todd Stocker.com”

How Do You Handle The Busy Flurry? – Todd Stocker.com

How do you handle the busy flurry? There’s a flurry a’comin and I’m not talking snow.  It’s called the Christmas/Holiday season.  The starting line is usually Thanksgiving with a finish the first of the year.  It seems this is the time when expectations trump priorities and chaos takes the controls.  Some of the flurry isContinue reading “How Do You Handle The Busy Flurry? – Todd Stocker.com”

019: Why Its Important To Laugh – Todd Stocker.com

Too many people take life too seriously. No matter what your situation, a good laugh can create a positive attitude which can change your life. Here’s how. Show Notes: We tend to grow out of our laughter.  When was the last time you laughter – either a chuckle or a gut-wrenching laugh? Benefits of laughter:Continue reading “019: Why Its Important To Laugh – Todd Stocker.com”

This Beautifully Messy Life – Todd Stocker.com

I’ve seen a lot.  Some of what I’ve seen you wouldn’t want to see.  Some of what I’ve experienced in other people’s lives, you’ve experienced as well. Working in a ministry setting affords you a backstage pass to other people’s stories in a way that is deep and ugly and rich.  Most recently, a miscarriageContinue reading “This Beautifully Messy Life – Todd Stocker.com”

018: Your Purpose In Life – Discovering Why You’re On Earth – Todd Stocker.com

At some point in our lives, most of us ask the question, “Why am I here?”  While God has the ultimate purpose for you to be in a relationship with him, how can you discover your purpose in life while here on earth?   Show Notes: Have you ever asked that question? The question itself comes fromContinue reading “018: Your Purpose In Life – Discovering Why You’re On Earth – Todd Stocker.com”

The Great Measure Of A Man – Todd Stocker.com

I went to a funeral this week of a wonderful man who fell asleep at 90 years old.  This man was a pillar, literally.  Towering over most of us for most of his life, his stature was second only to his towering love for people.  Kent was all about relationships and would lay down hisContinue reading “The Great Measure Of A Man – Todd Stocker.com”

017: How To Be Successful Parents At Every Level – Todd Stocker.com

Your parents and my parents did some things great in raising us. Other things may have scarred us for life. How do you become successful parents as your children mature through the four stages of childhood? Show Notes: One of the struggles of parenting — especially if you have more than one child — isContinue reading “017: How To Be Successful Parents At Every Level – Todd Stocker.com”

Addressing Your ‘What if’ Fear – Todd Stocker.com

Every neighborhood has ‘that house’. You know the one.  The dwellers seem to be a bit strange and the property is unkempt.  There may be obvious maintenance needs with city citations piling up inside their ‘overstuffed with junk-mail’ mailbox.  The rest of the neighbors talk and shake their heads and the kids make up ghostContinue reading “Addressing Your ‘What if’ Fear – Todd Stocker.com”