Guess What ‘Mending Fences’ Means? – Todd

Just 3 blocks from my home are fields — acres of them.  They stretch the expanse of my vision.  Corn, beans, hay — they are all there.  As I biked through the road that bordered them, I noticed one old farmer re-twisting wire on a fence that, for sure, pre-dates the turn of the century,Continue reading “Guess What ‘Mending Fences’ Means? – Todd”

Biblical Relationships Toward Changing the World

Have you ever wondered how to have more of an impact in the world?  Have you desired to pour your life into others and make a difference?  Have you wanted your life to count but didn’t know where to start?  The way Jesus designed His team of disciples is a great model of relational impact. Continue reading “Biblical Relationships Toward Changing the World”

Why I want a Chameleon

I know what I want for my birthday.  My mom used to have one when she was young and it sounds like a cool possession … a Chameleon.  Here’s why I want one and what they remind me to do: These are fascinating little creatures.  Their bodies adapt and change depending on their background.  IContinue reading “Why I want a Chameleon”