One character trait I love about my wife is she is bold.  Yesterday, I reaped the benefit of  her confidence when she invited me and her to hang out on our friends' boat for the afternoon.  Warm sun, great conversation, even a chance to help a neighboring boat owner maneuver their craft back into their … Continue reading RETREAT, RELAX AND REFRESH


Love Covers

Today, Twin Cities dwellers woke up to something beautiful. We looked out our kitchen windows and front doors to see our frozen garden gnomes and mailboxes frosted  with a thin white blanket of snow.  The brown deadness is hidden.  The dirty sidewalks are gone.  In their places is a fresh new look and a chance … Continue reading Love Covers

Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust

Wow!  I just returned from facilitating a workshop for Concordia Lutheran High School in Houston.  Staff of about 50 attended and the goal was to get rejuvenated for the new 2008-09 school year.  We used their yearly theme “Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust” based on Titus 3:3-8 as our outline for the day.  Lots of … Continue reading Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust