050:  One Way To Handle The Storms Of Change [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

storms of change.001We all experience change in life.  Like storms forming on the horizon, change sweeps down and causes pressures that you need to handle.  But how do you do that?


Rory Vaden’s book Take The Stairs emphasizes the value of hard work, focus and discipline for success.  

Rory recalls, “In Co, where I grew up, we are world famous for the Rocky Mountains. When storms come they almost always brew from the west and roll out towards the east.

What cows do is very natural. Cows sense the storm coming from the west and so they start to try to run toward the east. The storm catches up with the cows rather quickly. And without knowing any better the cows continue to try to outrun the storm. But instead of outrunning the storm they actually run right along with the storm. Maximizing the amount of pain and time and frustration they experience from that storm!

What buffalo do on the other hand is very unique for the animal kingdom. Buffalo wait for the storm to cross right over the crest of the peak of the mountaintop and as the storm rolls over the ridge the buffalo turn and charge directly into the storm.

Instead of running east away from the storm they run west directly at the storm. By running at the storm they run straight through it. Minimizing the amount of pain and time and frustration they experience from that storm.

We should do the same.  Face the storms head on.



A Perspective On Life’s Storms – Laura Dekker

maidentripI recently watched a documentary called “Maidentrip” in which 14 year-old Laura Dekker spent 18 months sailing around the world.  Here’s the kicker.  She did it alone.  

She comes from a family that basically lives on the water so her skills and abilities were heartily grounded.  Yet, to take on a trip like this would make even the most seasoned sailer quiver.  

A crew flew to her destinations of port and captured her on-land film footage.   However, the on-the-water footage was taken by Laura herself.  Much like a vlog (a video log), she recorded her thoughts, feelings and experiences as her tiny boat cut across the world’s oceans. 

One of the most impactful scenes for me was when she hit a storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Filmed by her from inside the boat, the waves, wind and rain hammered the vessel.  I was expecting her comments to be ones of fear.  Yet her commentary was, “I love seeing the wave splash across the bow.  The spray is so beautiful and bobbing around makes this all fun.”  

My mouth dropped open. Here she was in a near life threatening situation and she calls if fun.

The word is perspective.  Laura knew that she could rely on her experience and equipment to make it through the storm.  She knew that even in the worst cast scenario, help was only a short distance away.  This knowledge released her fear, gave her perspective and allowed for even a bit of fun.

I know that many of you reading this feel like you are in a tiny boat on a big ocean being battered by an even greater storm.  I know many of you wrestle with the sails of doubt and the ropes of fear.  What would happen if you knew that our God is right there with you?  How would the knowledge of him being an ever present help in times of trouble change your perspective?  Yes, storms need tending to.  They need managing and navigation.  Yet, is there a possibility that the next wave could be the most beautiful one you’ve seen? 

Sail on.  Stay The Course.




Storms intrigue me.  When clouds roll in and light is muted by dark, I know that somethin is a-brewin.  In fact, just last night I watched lightening be answered by thunder against the backdrop of rain.  The flash begins the countdown to the boom.  When the boom happens, the coffers of my house shake and the cackling of the bolt wake my children.

How often do flashes of trouble streak across our lives and are answered by the thunder of stress? Sometimes, too often.  That is when God steps in and tells the flash, tells the boom, “BE STILL.”  Be still, Stress – know that God can handle the thunder.  Be still, Worry – know that God can calm the flash.  Be still, my anxious heart – know that God is the god of tomorrow, today and yesterday and that He holds the weathered me in the palm of His hand.

“He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God'” – Psalm 46:10

Question:  What stresses you out and how do you find peace?  Write a comment below …