050:  One Way To Handle The Storms Of Change [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

We all experience change in life.  Like storms forming on the horizon, change sweeps down and causes pressures that you need to handle.  But how do you do that? ON THIS EPISODE: Rory Vaden’s book Take The Stairs emphasizes the value of hard work, focus and discipline for success.   Rory recalls, “In Co, whereContinue reading “050:  One Way To Handle The Storms Of Change [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

A Perspective On Life’s Storms – Laura Dekker

I recently watched a documentary called “Maidentrip” in which 14 year-old Laura Dekker spent 18 months sailing around the world.  Here’s the kicker.  She did it alone.   She comes from a family that basically lives on the water so her skills and abilities were heartily grounded.  Yet, to take on a trip like thisContinue reading “A Perspective On Life’s Storms – Laura Dekker”


Storms intrigue me.  When clouds roll in and light is muted by dark, I know that somethin is a-brewin.  In fact, just last night I watched lightening be answered by thunder against the backdrop of rain.  The flash begins the countdown to the boom.  When the boom happens, the coffers of my house shake andContinue reading “WHEN LIFE SHAKES”