012: How To Handle Pressure At Work – Todd Stocker.com

Sometimes, work can be stressful as you feel the pressure of deadlines and overwhelming expectations. Here are a few tips that can help take the edge off of pressure at work. Show Notes: A listener asks, “I’m in a very high stressed job and constantly feel the pressure to do more and be more. WithContinue reading “012: How To Handle Pressure At Work – Todd Stocker.com”

No Service = No Stress – Todd Stocker.com

There’s a small and very unique restaurant not one hour from my home called “Vino in the Valley.”  Set in the remote hill country of southern Wisconsin, this open patio-style eatery offers fantastic Italian food and wines from a local winery.   Recently, my wife and I and several friends spent the better part ofContinue reading “No Service = No Stress – Todd Stocker.com”

God Will Stop Your Traffic

Traffic normally doesn’t ruffle my feathers. That one day, it did. I was late for an appointment and I hate being late. You know the drill. Rushing out the door. Grasping at anything. Bumping into everything. Feeling like your world is on the verge of collapse. You neglect the goodbye-spouse kiss and speed backward outContinue reading “God Will Stop Your Traffic”

You Need Breathing Room

Picture this.  Your iPhone alarm rings on your nightstand.  It’s 7am.  The problem is that your High School aged daughter needs to be at school for an early rehearsal at 7:15.  Good thing its only a 5 minute drive but she’s still sound asleep.  Your spouse is already out of bed and gone, having leftContinue reading “You Need Breathing Room”

Un-Comfort Your Comfort Zone

Your Comfort Zone.  Defined as a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress, most of us live for our comfort zones.  The problem with only living in our comfort zone is that we never grow.  Think about it, if you only did what was comfortable, you would never getContinue reading “Un-Comfort Your Comfort Zone”


 There is a phrase that I don’t toss around anymore.  That phrase is “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” Why don’t I juggle these words?  Because, frankly, they aren’t true.  Nowhere in the Bible does it appear.  Nowhere in the archives of theological history does it find voice.  Nowhere in my experienceContinue reading “WILL GOD GIVE YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE?”


Storms intrigue me.  When clouds roll in and light is muted by dark, I know that somethin is a-brewin.  In fact, just last night I watched lightening be answered by thunder against the backdrop of rain.  The flash begins the countdown to the boom.  When the boom happens, the coffers of my house shake andContinue reading “WHEN LIFE SHAKES”


I’m not sure if it’s my favorite app, but it is one that I use several times per day.  It’s called Wunderlist.  It’s free (of course) and it is a simple to-do list that syncs across all of my screens.  While it is a way for me to organize my day, I’ve found a greaterContinue reading “USE SMALL, DAILY ACTION TO ACCOMPLISH MORE”

“Please God, Help Her”

It was a small blue car that pulled along side me at a random stoplight next to a railroad crossing sign.  I don’t remember much about its make or year  but I do remember the driver.  She was in her mid-twenties – her brown hair pulled up in a bun with wisps that exploded fromContinue reading ““Please God, Help Her””

Do You Live on an Island or Bridge?

I’ve met many people during my years of ministry.  Wonderfully flawed, beautifully imperfect souls whose journeys have been dotted with ups and downs, victories and losses. One observation that has proven to be true more times than not is shaped by the question, “Do they live on an Island or a Bridge?”  Here’s how thisContinue reading “Do You Live on an Island or Bridge?”