What Other’s Say

“Your coaching was really helpful for me. You helped me see some things I hadn’t noticed before.” – Jon Keuhne, Pastor

“After Todd’s presentation, I feel our team can effectively work on the ‘why’ for our organization and move toward our mission and vision!”  – Pat Sherley, Bell Tower Residence Assisted Living

“I was so confused about our Business Student Organization event but after working through the All-Star Model, I have a clear direction and am excited to build a healthy, efficient team.  Thanks!”  – Nicole Zastrow, Concordia University, St. Paul

“While all of the speakers were inspirational, I especially enjoyed the message that Todd gave on Friday afternoon.  At the end of the very emotional message, it was as though Todd was talking directly to us when he said, “As for you who are thinking about quitting, DON’T!” – Mark & Angela Leefe, Texas

“It was so great to come away from this presentation and feel energized — like I could take on the world!  Thank you, Todd!” – Margaret Vennering, St. Paul, MN

“I have had so many positive comments about last weekend. I want you to now that you connected well with a young mom.   After your message, she realized she needed to make some changes in her relationships.  Thanks again!” – Pastor Bill Hugo, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN

“After the presentation, our team feels more unified and ready to enter the new school year than ever before”  – Joel Bode, Concordia Lutheran High School, Houston, TX

“What a great reminder that when life is full of stress, there is a way that I can live ‘stress-less’.  I am going to put your principles to work… starting today!” – Mike Johns, St. Paul, MN

“I am so grateful for Todd’s feedback and his training was some of the best coaching I’ve ever had!” – Derek Broten, Director of Student Ministries, Woodbury Lutheran Church, St. Paul, MN

“Todd was very professional and interesting.  What he taught us about living and working ‘stress-less’ will help me in my personal and work world!”  – Jeff Bacci, Tomball, TX

“I liked the humor during the presentation.  It really kept me engaged and I learned so much about balancing life and work.” – Gail Stephanoski, Spring, TX

What do YOU think?

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