A Spacious Place

Last month, Kellie and I hopped in our car, traveled across four states, and landed in Denver, Colorado. Several wonderful events were on our calendar: our son’s band played to a sold-out crowd at Red Rocks Amphitheater, our niece confirmed her baptismal faith in Jesus, and our immediate family took advantage of the time together with a small family reunion.

After those whirlwinds of joyful occasions, Kellie and I spent a few more days hiking the mountains surrounding Estes Park, a small, touristy town, nestled at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. Hike after hike took us away from “paved paradise” and into the natural forest, whose still snow-covered trails gave us a hefty workout.

One trail stood out: the Aspenglen Trail. Snow-covered peaks overshadowed the Fall River, which cut through multi-ton boulders and deep forests. It was a long hike. Not our normal. Halfway through, the trail veered around a “small” mountain, which revealed a wide-open field. Off in the distance, the ever-present elk and deer were chopping away on the tall grasses, and we found ourselves about twenty-five feet from a full-sized, adult moose who cared less that we were there.

Taking in the scene, we suddenly felt more relaxed and refreshed than ever. We tarried there, letting the warm sun tan our faces and the cool breeze provide relief.

I couldn’t help but think of 2 Samuel 22:20, which says, “He (God) brought me out to a spacious place.” In this context, David had been pursued and defeated by his enemies. Exhausted and at the end of his rope, God rescued him and set him up for success in his role as king. The verse is part of his praise to God for providing, just at the right time, a “spacious place” in which God refreshed him.

He’s like that, isn’t he? Just when you need it, God leads you to a spacious place so you can catch your breath, calm your nerves, and refocus your life. He provides times, places, and even people through whom he revives your soul.

I think that’s why he provides the month of June in Minnesota. The school year is just ending, vacations are just starting, and the beauty of our “slice of heaven” is breathtaking, just like Kellie and my hike on the Aspenglen Trail.

What refreshment are you needing as you read this? What rest do you desire? Remember that what you need isn’t a surprise to him. This month, do not hesitate to allow him to show you the “spacious place” he has for you and be courageous to step into it.

Who knows? You might just be surprised by a moose.


Published by Todd Stocker

I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!

One thought on “A Spacious Place

  1. Sounds like God knew how to make a memory you never could have imagined. What a beautiful picture.
    Both literal and in words .

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