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star_wars_peace_worry.001It wells up inside of you like water on the shy side of boiling.  You know the signs of it and feel its power.  It goes by many names but often, you know it as ‘Worry’.  Worry is the response to a life lived thin.  Worry is the rumble of a person in chaos.  Worry, by definition, grabs our throats and shakes — like a wild animal on its prey and many of us allow it free reign in the kingdom of our emotions, taking prisoners and hold you for ransom.

Enter the victor.  It comes in like a pin-pricked light, cutting through the deep, black fabric of dark.  It doesn’t take much to conquer the worry-beast.  Its name is ‘Peace’. 

Peace isn’t a goal but a weapon.  Peace battles epically with Worry in the heart of mankind because it is for peace that God sent Jesus.  He uses it to call people to something good and better and lovely.  He delivers it on the eve of breakdown and he beckons us to let it rule in our hearts.

In the end, Peace wins because Jesus wins.  In the end, Peace draws its lighted saber and delivers the death blow to Worry and calmly brings you to eternity.  Forever in light.  Forever in love.  Forever in the peace of Jesus.

“Light has come into the world … and the darkness has not overcome it.” ~ John 1+3


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I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!

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